GLR leadership

Who to Contact

The GLR team is here to serve you as you join Jesus in His mission to reach the 22 million individuals outside of a relationship with Him.

Chris Conrad

Chief Towel Carrier

Tom Schmidt

Pastoral care in Michigan
DBMD Questions*

*for DBMD Questions, please contact the DBMD chairperson of your former District or Tom Schmidt.

Richard Meeks


Dan Bickel

Pastoral care in Illinois

Jack Lynn

Leadership development

Shari Brown

USF and financial questions

Steve Norman

Church planting questions

Other staff contact information:
Executive Assistant to Chris Conrad – Shareen Bradley –
Executive Assistant to Richard Meeks- Sherry Laurence –
Chief Financial Officer – Lynn Bruce –
HR/Talent Management- Sue Teitsma –
Finance Coordinator/Trainer – Annette DeGraaf –