GLR leadership

Who to Contact

The GLR team is here to serve you as you join Jesus in His mission to reach the 22 million individuals outside of a relationship with Him.

Chris Conrad

Chief Towel Carrier

Craig Rayment

Chief of Staff

Jack Lynn

Leadership development

Tom Schmidt

Pastoral care in Michigan
DBMD Questions*

*for DBMD Questions, please contact the DBMD chairperson of your former District or Tom Schmidt.

Richard Meeks


Dan Bickel

Pastoral care in Illinois & Wisconsin

Other staff contact information:
Executive Assistant to Chris Conrad – Michelle Eddy –
Office Manager – Shareen Bradley –
Executive Assistant to Richard Meeks, Jack Lynn & RBMD assistant- Sherry Laurence –
USF & Finance Questions – Shari Brown
Chief Financial Officer – Andy Miedema –
HR/Talent Management/Property  or General Questions- Sue Teitsma Р
Finance Coordinator/Trainer – Annette DeGraaf –
Executive Assistant to Dan Bickel РReenie Bickel
Church Planting Questions – Steve Norman