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First Wesleyan Church in Muskegon, Michigan is seeking a part-time Kid’s Ministry Director. This position will require a time investment of 15 hours a week. This person will be included in a team approach to ministry, covering a wide range of responsibilities with a strategic focus on student ministries.

First Wesleyan Church is in Muskegon, Michigan, a small manufacturing city located on the eastern coast of Lake Michigan. Muskegon has shown great grit as it has come through difficult years of high unemployment and the accompanying challenges. In recent years, Muskegon’s economic situation has greatly improved, but not all the city’s residents have shared in the economic upturn.
First Wesleyan Church is located in the core city of Muskegon in the middle of a very diverse neighborhood. The church is committed to the community where we’re located; committed to reaching the lost for Christ and seeing lives transformed; as well as being committed to a diverse framework for living life in community. We work to do this in a way that participates in the work God is doing around us to reconcile people to Him through Christ even as we are working toward reconciliation with one another.

FWC does not believe kids and teens are the church of tomorrow but the church of today. It’s our philosophy that young people can learn, grow, and serve in many areas of ministry. We work to find a balanced approached to focused ministry that is relevant to the culture of our kids as well connecting our kids to vibrant relationships across all generations.
FWC’s kid’s ministry reaches a diverse group of children and sees between 15 to 30 in our midweek program. We operate a VBS program each Summer and are active in community where we connect with a variety of families. We firmly believe our kids should find a place at the heart of our faith family where they are able to serve, grow, and experience a vibrant relationship with Christ. Our kid’s ministry holds regular midweek programs throughout the school year but also has a Kid’s Church program during a portion of our Service on Sunday mornings year-round.

This position would primarily be responsible for directly leading kid’s ministry and overseeing the kids’ ministry volunteers. Additionally, the individual selected will have the opportunity to take part in all areas of ministry if they wish.
This individual will participate in the life and community of the church and participate in program planning and evaluation. They will participate in normal staff activities, such as weekly staff meetings and office hours as needed.

The ideal candidate will first and foremost be committed to Christ and show evidence of spiritual disciplines such as tithing, study, and prayer life and have a great burden for those who don’t know Christ. They will have a strong understanding of priorities and the demands on their time and resources. The person will be dedicated to community and partnering with community organizations. They will have a multicultural mindset and be committed to a culture and ministry that embraces diversity, reconciliation, and unity in the body of Christ.

Our Part-Time Kid’s Ministry Director must be a committed Christ follower. Experience in ministry as well as experience working in an urban setting preferred but a commitment to multiethnic ministry is a must.


Jeremy Lenertz
First Wesleyan Church

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