Train Your Board

What is the role of a church board?

In the Wesleyan Church, the Local Board of Administration is a team of people who serve by representing God to the people. It is much more of a spiritual role than a business role. Their position allows them not to control the church, but to lead in a way that moves the mission forward for the sake of Kingdom advancement. 

 The GLR’s role is to support and equip the local church board, to make sure that they understand the role that they are in, and to train and equip them to focus on the vision and mission to which God is calling them, their lead pastor, and their church. 

Discern God's will for your church...

We believe that a board will serve most effectively when they keep a Kingdom perspective and are willing to function in a manner of discerning where the Holy Spirit leads and directs rather than trusting in human decision.

"Decisions happen quickly. Discernment often comes with great patience."
Chris Conrad
Chief Towel Carrier / Regional Superintendent


Commit to developing your board with these resources that can be used before and during a local board meeting. 

Pursuing God's Will Together
- Ruth Haley Barton

We encourage Boards to read the book “Pursuing God’s Will Together” by Ruth Haley Barton and work through this book together as a team. This book provides a trustworthy process that enables Christian leaders to actively seek God together.  

Winning on Purpose
- John Edmond Kaiser

The book “Winning on Purpose” by John Edmond Kaiser is another recommended resource for Boards to read together for understanding how to structure and organize your board as well as identify appropriate boundaries and relationship with the Senior Pastor.


Pursuing God's Will Together
Retreat Guide

Plan a strategic retreat for your board. Choose a weekend away or book out a Saturday.

GOAL: For the governing body of the church to move from deciding to discerning God’s will by taking the necessary step of growing in knowledge of each other and the principles of discerning in community.


Linchpin Leadership
Train Your Board

The Linchpin Leader video series was created by Conrad Conrad and 12Stone Church’s former Executive Pastor, Dan Reiland. These videos were designed to help pastors establish healthy relationships their their board as well as lead effective board meetings where each member knows the role they play. 

Linchpin Leadership
Vice Chair Training

This two part video series was designed to help raise up an effective Vice Chair Person. Guides are included with each video.

Live Board Training

This 7 part series of videos is a live board training at a GLR church with our Director of Pastoral Transitions, Jack Lynn.

These videos were recorded to give practical understanding from recognizing the  purpose of an LBA member and how their role impacts the pastor, staff, and church body, to creating an agenda and planning the monthly meetings. 

Discerning V.S Deciding During a
Pastoral Transition

Rena is an involved lay leader at Heritage Church. She had the privilege of being voted on by her church board to be part of the search team as they were actively looking for a new lead pastor. Rena’s perspective has shifted involving discernment has shifted drastically due to this process. In this video, she shares what she learned about the church, her own faith, and what it truly means to be part of a discerning committee. 

EP:008 - How to Develop Your Board

In this episode of the Spirit Anointed Leadership Podcast, Chris speaks with Lead Pastor of All Shores Church. Together they talk about the importance of developing and discipling your board and how to create a culture of authenticity, and honesty as you grow together. Pastor Pete also gives very practical tips on how to run an impactful board meeting that ultimately shapes the future of your church.

EP:026 - Discerning V.S. Deciding

Discernment is crucial in a church governing role. 

In this episode of the Spirit Anointed Leadership Podcast, Chris explains the difference and importance of what it means to discern vs decide and how pivotal it can be in strengthening and broadening your personal life and the leadership of your church.