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Tuesdays@Two with Chris Conrad April 21st

Tuesdays@Two with Chris Conrad March 31

Tools to help every leader and church thrive in the Great Lakes Region!

Our goal is to inspire and equip our pastors and leaders to accomplish the goal Jesus as given us to reach as many people for Him as possible. Every Leadership Drive will include practical ideas around one or more of our core values:
  • Leadership Development
  • Evangelism
  • Diversity
  • Soul Care for our Pastors/Leaders


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Rev. Chris Conrad-Chief Towel Carrier of the GLR

Rev. David Kinnan-Fountain Springs Church

Pastor Julian Newman-Tribes Church

Spring 2019 Leadership Drive Notes

The main focus of the Spring 2019 Leadership Drive is “Helping Every Church…In Every Context…Win More People to Jesus”

PDF of PowerPoint with Notes

Billy Graham Center Receives $1 Million Grant to Expand Church Evangelism Initiative

The Church Evangelism Initiative was created by the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College to help catalyze a movement of evangelism through local churches. Our vision is to see thousands of churches across the United States, and beyond, develop communities where many people find their way to Christ and where every disciple of Christ is equipped and mobilized to make new disciples.