our culture

Our Mission

We equip Wesleyan pastors and church leaders to effectively live out the Great Commission.

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost. “
— Luke 19:10

The Great Lakes Region of the Wesleyan Church is a diverse collection of churches in Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. Our churches are metropolitan, suburban, and small-town and rural, large, small and multi-campus, multi-ethnic, multi-socioeconomic and multi-generational, led by women and men who are united in our passion to reach lost people and see God unleash His redemptive power to transform lives and communities. 

Our focus is to reach the 22 million people in our Region who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ and introduce them to a life-transforming relationship with the God who is crazy in love with them. With a focus on life-transformation, we equip individuals, leaders, and churches to multiply what God has done in them to others. Through the multiplication of believers, leaders, and churches, we aim to see God’s Kingdom come and His will being done here as it is in heaven

What we Do

What Drives Us

Unity in Diversity

We intentionally look for ways that our churches and their leadership can reflect rich differences in personality, giftedness, ethnicity, culture, gender and age, yet work as one toward our common calling. This is living in God’s Kingdom.


We believe we are better together. Every leader and every church plays a vital role in living out the Great Commission in our region. Together, in community, we discern and carry out God’s Will.


We believe God is at work making all things new, in us as pastors and leaders, in our churches and in our communities. We celebrate when we see evidence of this change and growth.

How we do Ministry

We strive to develop a culture in the Great Lakes Region where our efforts are:


  • Know your community so you can be culturally relevant.
  • Use innovative and creative methods to reach the lost and de-churched.
  • Love and teach incarnationally.


  • Chase after lost people knowing it will always cost us something.
  • Prioritize people over programs.
  • Look for opportunities to encourage and serve. The GLR staff exists to serve the pastors and leaders of the GLR — not the other way around.


  • Leadership really matters, but it must be under the Holy Spirit’s direction. Without Him we can do nothing.
  • Prayerfully discern God’s will in community.
  • Passionately cultivate a rich, fruitful inner life with Jesus Christ.


  • Evaluate effectiveness and impact and proactively respond to problems or mission-drift.
  • Take time to refuel. The best attribute we bring to our work is a well-ordered soul.
  • Cultivate a balanced approach to growth through authentic worship, multiplying discipleship, biblical community, faithful stewardship, and wise administration.