TWCHub Reporting

Pastors should receive an email by May 1 from with your new log-in process. The pastors portal has been replaced with TWCHub where you’ll be able to update your profile and do your reports, including the Local Church Statistical Report (LCSR) in June. Reporting for ASRs will be May 1-31 and LSCRs will be May 31-June 11. The ASRs have been revised and should be easier than ever for you to complete. If you have any problems with reporting, please contact Sherry Laurence ( or 810-744-1717) or reach out to the GLR office.

Sample email sent on May 1:

We’re opening the doors to TWCHub, a one-stop experience for leaders in The Wesleyan Church. TWCHub is where you will manage your personal profile with The Wesleyan Church, complete your Annual Service Report (ASR) and/or Local Church Statistical Report (LCSR), and find up-to-date information on local churches, districts and other ministry leaders.

Before you begin, please know that there’s a complete set of walk-through instructions and video helps available at If you have additional questions, you are welcome to contact your District Office administrator via your district’s contact details available here:

To access TWCHub and begin working on your report, find your username and password set-up link below.
USERNAME: youremailaddress
After completing set-up of your account, if you do not immediately see your assigned report(s), please return to TWCHub later in the day. Your assigned report(s) should appear no later than 5 PM Eastern.

Thank you for the many ways you serve your community and bring leadership to The Wesleyan Church!