Pastoral Transitions


If you have a vacant position or are anticipating a vacant position in your church, you are in the right place. We want to help you through this process.  The following resources are to help you in recruiting God’s BEST person for your church — from job posting templates to interview guides, we have you covered.

In the midst of a leadership transition? Reference this guide for best practices as you begin your pastor search process.

Are you serving on the board and confused about your next steps? This resource will help you think through the process.

The purpose of this resource is to offer a job posting guide to help you attract the best candidates for your needs. You may tailor the job posting template based on the unique culture, demographics, and leadership skills you are looking for in the Senior Pastor at your church.

This is a comprehensive list of the best place to advertise for your openings.

You’ve selected your interview candidates — congratulations! Consider sharing this interview preparation guide with potential candidates so they can best prepare for the conversation.

Once you have scheduled your interviews, it is important to create a consistently high-quality experience. Consider using this interview resource guide with each of your candidates to structure the conversations with each of your potential candidates.

Once you have completed the interviews, you likely have a gut feel on who will be the best fit for your church. Use this interview recap guide to help you process the information and pragmatically select the best candidate for the Senior Pastor role.

Now that you have selected the best candidate, you can officially extend the job offer! Consider using this guide to help the candidate with the transition into their new role.

Use this resource for pre-employment screening and drug testing for potential candidates.