Mark your calendar now for the 2019 Great Lakes Region Conference.

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Saturday August 3, 2019
8:30am-12:30pm CST
9:30am-1:30pm EST
Ordination Service to follow at 2:00pm


Live Event@Woodland Church (formerly First Wes), Battle Creek, Michigan
Interactive Broadcast Venues
Illinois-Heritage Church,Rock Island
Wisconsin-Red Cedar Church,Rice Lake


No cost to attend conference but lunch will be at your own expense


Contact the GLR office

2018 Results

Regional Board of Administration
(conference floor voted and
approved the following):

Mrs. Renata Ellis – West Michigan
Mr. Delbert Gibson – East Michigan
Rev. Ken Gilmore – East Michigan
Rev. Dave Hansen – North Michigan
Rev. Josh Howard – Illinois
Mr. John Malek – North Michigan
Mr. Jim McNeil – Illinois
Rev. Chase Stancle – West Michigan
Rev. Brent Bickel – Wisconsin (non-voting)
Mr. Greg Zimmerman – Wisconsin (non-voting)

Approved for Conference Action Committee for GLR

Ordained Ministers
Rev. Chad Brown – North Michigan
Rev. Wes Coffey – West Michigan
Rev. John Wickstrom – Illinois
Rev. Todd Arneson – Wisconsin (non-voting)
Lay Members
Mr. Paxton Bates – West Michigan
Mr. Tom Harvey – East Michigan
Mr. Jim McNeil – Illinois
Mrs. Michelle Mowat – North Michigan
Mr. Randy Wellman – East Michigan
Mrs. Reenie Bickel – Wisconsin (non-voting)


These names were given to Dr. Wayne Schmidt and approved by the nominating team. The conference floor voted and approved the following names:

Nominee for Regional Treasurer
Rev. Molly Latchaw
Nominee for Regional Secretary
Mr. David Lutz
Nominee for Regional Superintendent
Rev. Chris Conrad

Approved for Nominating Committee for GLR

Mrs. Cindy Bennett-West Michigan
Rev. Adam Hafenbridle-Illinois
Rev. Blake Hicks-West Michigan
Mrs. Melody Mills-East Michigan
Mrs. Michelle Mowat-North Michigan
Mr. Tony Perkins-Illinois
Rev. Joy Zeigler-East Michigan
Rev. Todd Arneson-Wisconsin (non voting)
Mrs. Karen Gormong-Wisconsin (non voting)