Residency Program

You’re excited to answer God’s call to vocational ministry and to begin a career leading in a world-changing church…

But ministry is hard and getting started in ministry is even more difficult. Great training is needed to begin a long, effective career as a pastor. Unfortunately, most training for ministry leaves you only partially ready. Maybe you feel like this:

You may work in a church but have no real pastoral responsibility.
You learn theology but not how to lead people.

Your experiences are limited to one local church context.
You learn how to preach to others but not how to grow yourself.
You feel like you are on your own.

Ministry is too important for you to feel unprepared. The world needs people like you to be all you were created to be.
The Great Lakes Region (GLR) of the Wesleyan Church exists to support churches of every size and pastors in all contexts across over 2,700 zip codes. We know what you may be feeling and experiencing in this season of your life and ministry. We also understand what it takes for people like you to effectively serve the Church in every setting.

That is why we have created a two-year residency program. This program is the best way to be fully equipped for a life of vocational ministry. This residency is designed to give you real-world experience, quality teaching, and access to many different experiences and ministry contexts. We partner residents with vibrant churches who develop leaders. These churches help a resident grow through hands-on training in rural, urban, and suburban environments. This two-year partnership allows you to learn, develop your skills, lead people, launch new ministries, and boldly try new things with the support of a local church and a region.

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