soul care

Pastor well

The GLR partners with Full Strength Network to provide soul care for pastors through PastorWell Accounts

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If you are a lead or solo pastor
• The GLR has paid for a PastorWell Account for you. If this is your first year to receive the account you will receive login info from FSN (PastorWell). If you received an account prior to this year you are automatically renewed. If you have forgotten your login, please contact us –
• You are encouraged to have your church provide an account for your pastoral staff. This year FSN is providing each staff member a discounted rate of $79 (regular price is $149). Click here to enroll your staff by January 31, 2021.
• If you would like to provide accounts for your staff, but are unable to cover all or any of the cost, please let us know prior to January 31, 2021 ( Some supplemental funds are available this year on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you are a staff member at a church
• We are encouraging churches to provide an account for you. Please check with the lead pastor if an account has or can be provided.
• If your church cannot provide an account for you, please contact us (

PastorWell Accounts for 2020-2021 expire September 30, 2021

A PastorWell Account provides:
• WISDOM CONSULT – Submit leadership and wellbeing questions for a coach, advisor or counselor to respond.
• MINDFULNESS HELP – A mindfulness app to help you keep a pulse on your wellbeing state, and help you obtain care when you need it.
• WEALTH OF WELLBEING CONTENT – “At Full Strength” book provided, mini-courses, videos, articles, newsletter, etc.
• RESPITE REFERRALS – Referral to a respite venue network partner where you can retreat at a location that is welcoming of pastors and families.
• PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT – Can receive a Livstyle for Ministry personality assessment – a valuable tool to help you understand how you work, lead and relate to those around you.
• FINANCIAL COACHING REFERRAL -Trained financial coaches will help you with effective management of household budgets and long-range retirement planning
• PEER HUDDLE – Enroll to be included in peer groups meeting regularly for concerns, prayer, and encouragement, moderated by approved leaders for the first 3 months, then a peer huddle leader is appointed.
• COUNSELING / COACHING – Priority access to 8 confidential coaching or counseling sessions per year with a professional who is vetted to work with a pastor or his/her family. Also provided are 16 sessions/year for the family unit, which includes children ages 13-17.


Coaching is available for pastors and other church leaders through the Great Lakes Region.  For more information about coaching or if you’re interested in having a coach, please contact us at  

Pastoral Sabbatical

We care deeply about the long-term care of your soul. Ministry is not a sprint; it is a marathon. Those who complete it well are the ones who come to the end of their paid ministry career with a well-developed soul and a passionate commitment to ongoing personal leadership development. I am convinced, given the demands on pastors in today’s culture that the only way to reach the ministry “finish line” with those two priorities being lived out in our lives is to have taken well-thought out, well-designed, and well-timed sabbaticals along the way.