Soul Care

Healthy pastors lead healthy churches and healthy churches change the world.

We care deeply about the long-term care of your soul. Ministry is not a sprint; it is a marathon. Those who complete it well are the ones who come to the end of their vocational ministry career with a well-developed soul and a passionate commitment to ongoing personal leadership development.
The Great Lakes Region invests in the inner lives of pastors so you can thrive in your ministry context. Spiritually and emotionally healthy leaders naturally bear fruit. 

what we OFFER


Thrive Financial Initiative

Check out this video from John & Danielle Freed about their experience with Thrive Financial Initiative.  TFI is a program designed to help pastors overcome economic challenges that affect ministry effectiveness.  Working together, the pastor and key lay leaders in a local church collaborate to provide extra funds or resources to support the pastor, complete required financial learning journeys that will help the pastor and the local church, and receive a matching grant. For more info visit


Contact Pam Anderson with any questions about the GLR's Soul Care offerings.